NOTICE: As I’m no longer as active in the Disney community as I have been in the past – the kids are grown and college costs money, etc. – rather than this site getting further out of date I feel it is better to shut it down. I hate state information on the web. So expect that this site will disppear this summer. It’s been a fun run – thanks for all your support!

This page, like Walt Disney World and Disneyland, will probably never be finished. It may also not be the best looking page on Disney, but I’m for content over style…

If you are looking for a good place to ask questions, The DISboards are the best place. If you need to contact me there, I’m “doconeill”. That’s where I learned everything to help me in my DVC purchase, and where I try and help others understand.

Here, you’ll find some answers to common questions about Walt Disney World and the Disney Vacation Club. As a member of DVC, I’ve done a lot of research about it, and hope to help answer some common questions people have.

Questions, comments and suggestions are welcome! You can send me a private message on the DISboards to “doconeill”, or e-mail me directly at “disdoc AT oinc.net”. Comments actually help prod me into finishing and updating these things.

The following pages are works in progress:


Rider Switch (a.k.a. Baby Swap or Rider Swap)

Walt Disney World Tickets

Dining at Walt Disney World

Information about DVC

What Is That Place?

Myths Untangled

Trip Reports

Old but still referred to from time to time:

Why using a late FASTPASS doesn’t matter!


What if aliens dug up WDW thousands of years from now?

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