What is an Advanced Dining Reservation or ADR?

An Advanced Dining Reservation (ADR for short – also sometimes called a “ressie”, “rezzie” or “rez”) is essentially a reservation you make for a particular time and restaurant for your party. They are available at most all table service and signature dining locations. ADRs are not available at counter service locations.

How do I get an ADR?

You make reservations online on the web site or the My Disney Experience app starting at 6am Eastern Time, which is the preferred way, or you can call WDW Dining at 407-WDW-DINE (407-939-3463). WDW Dining is available for making phone reservations from 7:00am to 10:00pm Eastern Time 7 days a week, except on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve when they close earlier at 8:00pm. See our notes on dining with a large group if your group is larger than 12 (or 8 for a dinner show).

If you are already at WDW, you can still call this number, or if you are staying at a WDW Resort you may be able to speak to the front desk. Club Level guests can also speak to the Club concierge desk.

When you make an ADR, you will be given a confirmation number for each. Save these numbers and bring them with you in case there are any issues. Having those numbers have saved a number of meals for people. We also recommend that you confirm all your reservations for the dates you wanted – there have been times where the Dining CM will enter an incorrect date or made other errors that may surprise you when you arrive.

When can I make an ADR?

Anyone can call 60 days out from the date they wish to dine. Guests staying on-site at a Walt Disney World Resort (this does not include the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resorts or the Shades Of Green Resort, as these are not owned and operated by Disney) can call 60 days from their check-in date and make reservations for the length of their stay, up to a maximum of 10 total days (commonly referred to as the “60+10 window benefit”). If your stay is longer than 10 days, then you can call 60 days out for any day after the 10th day. You will need to give your resort reservation number in order to book during the 60+10 window. Note that sometimes the online reservation system does not always recognize the presence of the resort reservation and may not allow booking on later days. If so, call instead.

Note: If you are doing a on-site “split stay”, which is staying at two or more different WDW resorts consecutively, each stay is considered separate for the purposes of booking ADRs. So if your first resort stay is 3 days, and the second is 4 days, you’ll only be able to book the first three days at the 60 day point from check-in on that stay, and then wait until 60 days from check-in of the second stay to make ADRs for the rest of the stay.

On-site guests, however, may find that some locations, such as Cinderella’s Royal Table, are hard to get when calling during the 60+10 window. In order to make it fair for both on-site guests arriving after you but wishing to dine on the same date, as well as off-site guests, only a limited number of reservations may be available for booking prior to 60 days. If you do not get the reservation you want, call again as early as possible on the 60 day mark for the date in question.

For the very limited Chef’s Table at Victoria and Albert’s, you must call at 60 days.

To help make this easier, we have an ADR Calculator!

If you still aren’t able to get what you want, keep calling periodically. People call and change their reservations all the time, and options may have freed up.

How important is it to get an ADR?

If you prefer dining at your choice of table service restaurants, it is very important. Especially during busy seasons with the increase in patronage caused by the Disney Dining Plan, most all locations are booked solid by the date in question. You are seldom able to walk up to a location and get seated. Unless you don’t mind dining at counter service locations and want to take your chances, we suggest calling as soon as you can.

How important is it to call early?

Again, for the popular locations, very important. Cinderella’s Royal Table is generally a must to call at 7:00am. In fact, you should start calling shortly before 7:00am – the phone lines will open slightly early and allow callers into the queue to talk to the cast members.

We recommend putting the WDW Dining number on speed dial, and start calling around 6:55am. If you get a greeting that says, “Thank you for calling the Disney Reservation Center. Our office is closed…” hang up immediately and dial again. If they do not say “Our office is closed” immediately, then you are in and can start.

If you are more flexible about your choices and times, and are not looking for the more exclusive options, it is less critical but calling as soon as you are able will increase your options.

Do I need to give a credit card?

Not for most ADRs. However, some of the more exclusive Signature locations may require a credit card guarantee against a late cancellation. Fees generally range from $10-$25 per person if canceling within 48 hours of the reservation or a no-show. The Dining CM will explain any cancellation fee that applies.

If you are booking Cinderella’s Royal Table or a dinner show (such as Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue, Mickey’s Backyard Barbecue or Spirit of Aloha) payment is required in full in advance unless you are on the Disney Dining Plan. If you are not using DDP, your credit card will be charge in full. If you are on the DDP, then a cancellation fee may still apply and the credit card will be used for the guarantee.

What if I need to cancel?

Simply call WDW Dining and let them know what you are canceling. Try and call at least 48 hours in advance, especially if there was a credit card guarantee on the reservation. In addition, calling as soon as you can makes the reservation available to someone else who can use it.

What if we have a large group?

For most ADRs, WDW Dining can make an ADR for up to 12 people. Some locations may have slightly different rules however. If you are unsure, call WDW Dining and if necessary they will forward you to Group Dining.

If you know you need Group Dining (generally any party larger than 12), you can call them directly at 407-939-7707.


There are a number of different ways to get discounts at many WDW dining locations. Most revolve around table service meals.

The most widespread discount available is the Tables In Wonderland card. Available to Florida Residents, Annual Passholders and DVC members, it offers 20% off most table service locations and a few quick service locations as well, as well as many of the resort lounges on property. You can follow the link for all the details and locations. The 20% covers all food and drink purchases, including alcohol, at participating locations. The card is good for at least one year…typically it expires one year from the end of the month following the one you purchased it in. So this is a great choice if you can make several trips during it’s validity. [Note: As of Feb. 2022, Tables In Wonderland is not available and it is unclear when/if it will be again]

One gotcha is that you have to purchase the card…$175 for FL Residents, and $150 for AP and DVC. So at a 20% discount, you need to spend at least $825 as a FL Resident or $750 as AP/DVC on the pre-discount price to break even – the savings start to be realized after that.

Other things to note – the cardholder must be present and paying for the check, and it covers up to 10 people on the check. They must also have photo ID. You can get a second card for a spouse or partner for an additional $50, but that person must live at the same address. Also, an 18% gratuity is automatically added to all table service checks, regardless of party size.

Other discounts are available in general to Annual Passholders, DVC members and Disney Rewards VISA cardholders directly, but they are fewer and generally only 10%, and may be restricted to certain meals. Check the benefits guide for each for locations.

Meals Taxes

Some people like to know how much the meals tax is at WDW, so they can plan their budgets. But WDW is so vast, it actually occupies space in two different counties that levee their own tax rates, affecting sales, meal and resort taxes.

Almost all of WDW is in Orange County, where the meals tax would come to 6.5%. The few exceptions that currently matter are the All-Star Resorts and the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex, which cross over into Osceola County, where the meals and sales taxes are 7%.

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