Genie, Genie+ and Lightning Lanes

FastPass+ is no more (but if you’d like to see what it was like, we still have the information.)

Walt Disney World (and Disneyland, although pricing and information will be different) has replaced it with a multipart and sometimes confusing system.

Genie is a new built-in feature to the My Disney Experience application to help you plan your day. We don’t currently have good information on it and will hold off on any sort of write-up until we’ve experienced it ourselves. But what our readers most often want to understand are the other two parts.


Genie+ is less related to Genie and more related to the original FastPass system, but requires a per-day, per-guest charge. Most of the old FastPass attractions are part of Genie+ except for the top two attractions. For specific details, see our Genie+ page.

Individual Lightning Lanes

The top two attractions at each park are not normally available under Genie+, but are instead available for a separate charge with additional restrictions. See Individual Lightning Lanes for more information.