ALERT: Starting October 16th, 2018, Walt Disney World is changing to date-based pricing, where the price of the ticket can vary in price per day. This will make the current calculator obsolete. We will be evaluating whether we can update the calculator with a reasonable amount of effort, or abandon it altogether.

The following will help you calculate the cost of purchasing a Walt Disney World Magic Your Way ticket if you were to purchase it directly at the parks or via the WDW web site, or at the Disney stores. It will also calculate the standard 6.5% tax. When comparing prices against discounters, be sure to find out if their prices also include tax and shipping in order to compare directly.

There are other classes of tickets available as well, such as Annual Passes, etc. so be sure to do your research to see what type of tickets make sense for you.

Walt Disney World now has a tiered pricing structure, with days during the year divided into Value, Regular and Peak seasons. This currently only affects 1-Day Base tickets. Regular Season 1-Day Base tickets will cost an additional $12 over Value Season, while a Peak Season 1-Day Base ticket will cost an additional $20 over Value Season.

In addition, 1-Day Magic Your Way Base ticket for the Magic Kingdom only costs an additional $7 for Value and Peak seasons, and $5 for Regular Season over the 1-Day base price. There is no such “Magic Kingdom surcharge” on a Park Hopper or multi-day price.

The Water Parks Fun and More (WPFM) option is no longer available as a standalone option. Instead, it is combined with the Park Hopper option as “Park Hopper Plus”, which give you both Park Hopper and admissions to the water parks, ESPN Wide World Of Sports Complex (excluding separate charge events), Disney’s Oak Trail golf course, and the two miniature golf courses (prior to 4pm).

Lastly, Disney is offering a $20 discount on 3-10 day tickets when ordered online. The prices below reflect the online price as shown on the Walt Disney World website.

Prices below are as of February 11th, 2018, and are subject to change.

Price before tax $ 0.00
Price after tax $ 0.00
Adult or Child: Adult
Season: Value
Number of days: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Park Hopper
Park Hopper Plus