Disney unveils updated WDW web site

Still currently in a “beta” phase, WDW now has a new web site which guests can preview by clicking on a link at the top of the existing page. Note that clicking on the link will “permanently” bring up the new page in that browser, and to go back to the old page you’ll need to use a different browser or remove all the cookies involved (possible all the disney.go.com cookies). I’ve been hearing from a number of people that being able to call up reservations is hit-or-miss.

So far the site looks nice, but may be a bit slower, especially for guests on slow computers. It appears that they’ve cleaned up a lot of the attraction information, although it is still inconsistent. I noticed that they removed “Rider Swap” from a number of attractions, and on others are referring specifically to “Rider Switch” (the more formal system that involves a special FASTPASS). This doesn’t mean you can’t do a swap at non-FASTPASS attractions – I suspect the policies haven’t changed – but they aren’t advertising it, which I think confused a number of people. As always, if you need to ask the greeting Cast Member.

Dumbo is listed as offering FASTPASS, but as far as I know they are using a different system that is similar to restaurant pagers right now with limited range.

Also buried within the pages is a little bit of info on the long-rumored FastPass+ system, which has been in testing since May. According to the page:

Disney FastPass+ service allows you to select an arrival window to experience certain park attractions, character meet and greets, and quick-service restaurants, and to arrange a viewing location for certain entertainment such as fireworks, parades and shows.

Nothing new here, except for the ability to select an arrival time at quick-service restaurants. I have heard about being able to order ahead, but I’m not yet sure on arrival time. Things could still change as they continue to test and adjust.