Signing up for Jedi Training Academy

The Jedi Training Academy is incredibly popular – and is doubly so during Star Wars Weekends. With those coming up, I thought I’d let people know what the current sign-up method is to get your child involved. They no longer pick children out of the crowd, but you must sign up in advance – and early, as the limited slots can go very quickly.

To make sure you can sign up your child, get to Disney’s Hollywood Studios early – before the announced opening time (besides, during Star Wars Weekends the stormtroopers put on a bit of a show before opening…) – they often let people in earlier – as much as 30 minutes – than advertised to avoid the “Toy Story Mania Road Race” that had been going on. On Extra Magic Hour mornings, you might need to get in a line and wait, as they may not start taking names right away. But you CAN have another member of your party to and fetch Fastpasses for you, as you will not need tickets to sign up. But the child you are signing up will need to be with you.

The sign up are can move around. If you can, ask a Cast Member before getting in. But the common places are outside of the Hollywood and Vine restaurant (up Hollywood Boulevard then the first left, H&V will be on the left), outside or inside the old Sounds Dangerous Soundstage near the Jedi Training Academy stage, or at the JTA stage itself. You will pass things in that order, so keep an eye out as you head there.

When you sign up, you will get a return time. This is not like a Fastpass return time – your child MUST be at the stage at that time to participate, so plan accordingly. Times are given in order of signups, so the first people will be given a return time of the first show, and so on.