Updates on MagicBand/Fastpass+ testing

I’ve been asked why I haven’t given an update on the recent MagicBand and Fastpass+ testing that’s been going on. Honestly, there has been a lot to keep track of – and not much to report that’s concrete.

Recently, guests staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and Contemporary Resort checkin in on certain days were able to receive MagicBands and take part in the first full guest MagicBand field test. They were allowed to schedule up to three Fastpass+ experiences per day during the test via My Disney Experience (DMX) web site/app. This included all the existing Fastpass attractions, plus a number of other attractions and some more unique items like reserved fireworks and parade areas.

In general, the testing has worked well and been well received, but one thing to note…guests participating in the tests have also been given a “normal” KTTW card as a backup device and to use at table service locations for room charges as they are not yet fully equipped to handle MagicBands. But these cards also work in the current Fastpass kiosks, so the guests were able to use regular Fastpass in addition to Fastpass+, without any interference from each other. It is uncertain that this will be the case when it is fully rolled out, as I’m still hearing information that “regular Fastpass” will go away, and information is still uncertain about whether you will be able to use Fastpass+ similar to Fastpass on the same day.

One thing that did come out of testing – although you can only pick a given attraction once per day, after you’ve used the Fastpass+ for an attraction, if you have any remaining you can change a previous selection to the same attraction.

Another test is currently going on with some guests staying at Bay Lake Tower (the first one including DVC members), and then for most of August it appears that most guests staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge, Contemporary Resort, Pop Century and Yacht Club will be optionally participating. However there is a lot of conflicting information as to whether they will be able to use regular Fastpass on the same day as Fastpass+. Some guests calling for info and support have been told adamantly no, others certainly yes, and still others are told they can use it as long as they don’t book any Fastpass+ that day.

So it is safe to say we can’t really say much for certain yet. 🙂