• 02May

    The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was finally unveiled to the press yesterday, and now WDW has announced the official opening date – May 28th. Fastpass+ is already available for it (hurry!)

    Here is a good video of the ride to give you an idea…it’s not a long roller coaster (in fact, I wouldn’t term it one – it’s a mine train), or a fast one…but it’s more about the special features. WDW has introduced very advanced animatronics for this one with the dwarfs. Not only do they move, but they move quite smoothly, and their faces are animated! They dig and sing as your car slows down and passes the scenes inside, before heading outside for another wild ride in the swinging cars. Then just before the end you slow down again for an outdoor scene of Snow White and the dwarfs dancing in the cottage…with a guest waiting outside…

    Posted by Doc @ 10:00 am


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