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Once Upon A Time visiting Fantasyland at WDW

The episode of Once Upon A Time airing this Sunday (May 5th) will feature a little more than Storybrooke or the Enchanted Forest – this time it is going to Fantasyland – literally.

The ABC fantasy show featuring characters who at least in name should be recognizable to all Disney fans, will be going to a place just as recognizable – the newly expanded Fantasyland at Walt Disney World. Segments were filmed around a month ago for the show, featuring Regina (Lana Parilla) looking over Fantasyland as if she were in charge. Check out this video about filming the segments:

[Video no longer available]

I get the feeling that this may be as much about promoting the new Fantasyland as much as the show’s story, perhaps even more so. This wasn’t unusual for shows in the 80s and 90s, notably those produced by Disney (and Buena Vista Television Productions before that), that would occasionally feature an episode set at one of the parks…ABC has been owned by Disney since 1996.

Update: It turns out that it was simply a commercial that featured Regina in character…not part of the episode itself.