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WDW cancels all Epcot Segway tours indefinitely

According to this thread, all Segway tours at Epcot have been canceled effective immediately and they are contacting guests who had reservations, and indications are that they will not return.

Disney is not giving any information as to why, so naturally there is lots of speculation. However, there are two leading contenders:

  1. Although the results of a lawsuit against Disney’s policy of allowing guests to use their own Segways in the park was ruled in Disney’s favor, there is still the potential for appeals. And the tour was often cited by the plaintiffs to show that the Segways were not as dangerous a Disney claimed.
  2. The tour generally went around the World Showcase prior to the normal 11am opening, where guests were limited to the area between the International Gateway and the paths to Futureworld, and over to Akershus in Norway for breakfast. Now the newly remodeled bakery in France is available to guests, so there is even more foot traffic, and this could make navigating more complicated.

And it could even be a combination of the two, with the increased traffic offering a better chance for appeal if Disney was claiming the limited traffic before made it acceptable.

Segway tours at Ft. Wilderness, which are done on off-road paths, are still available.